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Who We Serve - Renewables & Environment

Who We Serve - Renewables and Environment

When it comes to energy, the future is already here!

Solar, wind, tidal, and other renewable energy sources have grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, far outpacing the predictions of even the most optimistic experts. Combined with improvements in energy efficiency and the development of batteries that can hold massive amounts of energy, the growth of renewables means that a clean, carbon-neutral future is just around the corner. This has been a boon not only to the environment and public health, but also to business, as new companies emerge to build and distribute these bold new technologies. From photovoltaic manufacturers to solar cell installers to wind farm developers to research firms that build on the amazing progress renewable energy has already made, a wide variety of businesses are working together to craft a sustainable future.

Industry Statistics


Average increase of industry downtime due to supply chain disruptions


Percent of losses caused by power outages five minutes or less


Downtime for solar panel production has nearly doubled due to supply chain issues


Expected electrical bill reduction for commercial property owners who install solar panels

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Like any other industry experiencing rapid growth, however, renewable energy has experienced its fair share of growing pains, particularly in the area of logistics.

Between the industry’s reliance on inputs that are either massive or delicate, its involvement in supply chains that span multiple continents, and its accelerating rate of expansion, sustainable generation companies have trouble shipping in key supplies and sending out finished products in a timely fashion. These challenges have the potential to put profits in peril, especially considering the tight schedules many of these companies operate on.

Clean Ener

AirFreight.com is here to keep the clean energy future coming without a hitch.

As an expedited freight broker that coordinates both planes and trucks, we specialize in finishing up deliveries that fell through at the last minute. Our team has extensive experience working with renewable energy and other environmental companies across North America. We have the plans and resources to solve all your most pressing challenges, including:

Unyielding Deadlines

Unyielding Deadlines

Renewable energy projects are often closely tied to new residential and commercial developments. A developer building a new housing subdivision, industrial park, or shopping complex might set up a wind or solar farm nearby so as to secure sustainable energy for their customers. While this is a win-win-win for the developers, their customers, and the environment, it puts renewable energy companies in a bind, as it means they have to set up these new energy sources before, or at least no later than, the development project is finished. This deadline issue is exacerbated by the fact that many government tax benefits and other incentives to install renewable energy are time-sensitive. Faced with these constraints, the last thing a sustainable generation company wants to hear is that key supplies are delayed, damaged, or unavailable.

Clean Energy Future

AirFreight.com is here to keep the clean energy future coming without a hitch.

Our company coordinates a broad network of affiliated trucks and airplanes, which stand ready to go in every US state, Mexican state, and Canadian province. This means that no matter what you need delivered, if it’s available within North America, we’ll be able to get it to you within a matter of hours. The moment you let us know what you need, we will find the truck that’s closest to a supply point and send it over to load up your supplies. Once it’s done loading, we’ll have that truck head right for your business on the fastest possible route, assuming it’s a delivery that can be accomplished entirely on the ground. If it’s not, we’ll reserve a cargo flight or chain of connecting flights and send the truck to the starting airport while dispatching another truck to the receiving airport. Either way, we coordinate the quickest possible delivery for your supplies so you have them ready to go with more than enough time to meet your deadline.

Oversized Or Delicate Parts

Oversized Or Delicate Parts

As clean energy projects become more sophisticated, their necessary inputs become more specific. Sometimes, this means they rely on highly precise, delicate equipment; photovoltaics, for instance, increasingly require the most intricate parts consisting of the rarest materials. But it can also mean simply that the inputs are supremely large. Wind farms, for instance, rely on absolutely massive turbines to create energy; improvements in wind generation technology often mean designing windmills that can accommodate even larger turbines. But whether your supplies are extremely large or extremely delicate, they are certain to be extremely difficult to deliver under even ordinary conditions. Add an emergency to the mix and you may be at a loss to know how your goods can possibly arrive on time.

AirFreight.com pushes the boundaries of the possible.

We’re well aware of the unique supplies that environmental energy companies rely on, from the most delicate of solar cells to the most massive of wind turbines. Our team has the expertise to plan deliveries for each of these items on even the shortest notice, making sure that your inputs have the transportation they need to arrive safely and on schedule.

Network of Drivers

Besides our own internal expertise, AirFreight.com brings to the table a huge network of drivers and cargo airlines who have their own skills and resources to share.

By recruiting widely, we add to our network drivers with every variety of truck, van, or other vehicle. This means that if your inputs require some specific type of vehicle to carry them— be it one that has secure storage areas designed for delicate parts or one with a massive payload space to carry huge turbines— we’re certain to have that vehicle in our network and not far away from your starting point. Similarly, if you need an air delivery in a specially suited plane, we’ll be able to schedule or charter a flight on just such a plane. No matter how specific your delivery needs, you’ll find the people and equipment necessary to meet them within the AirFreight.com network.

Port City Problems

Port City Problems

The renewable energy revolution is happening all over, which means that the best technology and most efficient production is rarely confined to any one place. The most successful sustainable energy companies thus shop around far and wide, and often need to get their hands on supplies shipped in from distant locations. The only way to get ahold of the best supplies may be to wait for maritime deliveries, but that creates a new range of logistical challenges. Trade ships tend to dock in large, crowded ports, meaning that when you send a carrier to pick up those items, they’ll have to navigate their way in and out of congested port cities. Under the best of circumstances, this is a process plagued with shipping delays. And when it’s not the best of circumstances and those trade ships arrive late? Then getting your supplies even close to the scheduled time can seem an insurmountable challenge!

Clean Energy Customers

Luckily, AirFreight.com not only can surmount this sort of challenge, but has done so repeatedly for our clean energy customers.

When we broker expedited deliveries, we assign our centralized team of experts to monitor every step in the process. These experts pay attention to shipping data so that if a ship you’re relying on is delayed, not only will we know immediately, but we can quickly estimate when it’s likely to arrive. They will then review all the vehicles in our network and all the possible paths into the relevant port city, selecting the best route for your items and the vehicle best positioned to take it. This way, no matter what shipping challenges your company faces, we can broker a delivery that gets you your items at the best possible speed.

Shipping Network

Not only does our centralized team monitor shipping schedules and other factors outside of the AirFreight.com network, but they pay close attention to what’s happening within our network.

When one of our affiliated trucks is on the road, our team tracks its progress carefully while looking ahead to the rest of the route. If they see any closed roads, traffic jams, or forbidding weather along the way, they will contact the driver immediately and direct them onto an alternative, clearer route. Similarly, when one of our affiliated airlines is scheduled to make a delivery, we make sure no human or environmental conditions are likely to keep it from landing on time. If there is a problem, our team will direct your items to a different connecting flight or, if no such flight is available, charter a new one just for you. In this way, we make sure there are no additional delays once your goods are in our hands.

Clean Energy Revolution

AirFreight.com is proud to play its part in the clean energy revolution!

We're committed to coordinating the best possible emergency shipments for our sustainable customers. Not only do we keep your deliveries on schedule, but we also provide regular updates on the location of your items so you know when to expect them and can adjust your plans accordingly. To learn more about our services or request a free quote for your next delivery, visit AirFreight.com today or give us a call at (800) 713-1000.

Industries We Serve

Aviation & Aerospace

Every moment a commercial airliner sits on the ground, it costs an airline money. Expedited freight services by AirFreight.com can get you back in the air with the prompt delivery of parts and equipment throughout North America.
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Since one shipping delay can snowball and cause delays throughout your entire project, you need an experienced 3PL provider who understands the construction industry and has the logistical reach to deliver your freight on time, anywhere. That 3PL partner is AirFreight.com.
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The consequences from lost power production are serious for any business. Equipment failure is one of the biggest causes of energy production downtime. Losses compound exponentially with the delay or loss of energy capacity or the idling of plants for scheduled or unscheduled maintenance. Whether it is a hydroelectric power station or solar farm, you need a 3PL who can move your parts and equipment safely and securely while meeting your most stringent deadlines.

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Farming & Food

Food processors can lose a significant percentage—up to 20 percent or more—of production capacity due to unplanned downtime. With processing plants running 16-20 hours a day, the hourly cost of a shutdown can reach up to $30,000 per hour. Get back online with the parts you need expedited by AirFreight.com.
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Every moment a manufacturing facility or factory sits idle costs a company money due to the high costs involved in lost sales and lost customers. With many manufacturers building to only a just-in-time production rates, any disruption threatens parts and vehicle inventories. This is where the speed, expertise, and experience of freight services from AirFreight.com can make a difference throughout the entire manufacturing supply chain.
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Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry faces challenging conditions in offshore and onshore oil rigs, often in remote locations with limited infrastructure. Don’t let oil pumps or pipelines sit idle waiting for equipment. By having the right plans, parts, people, and a logistics partner such as AirFreight.com, you can effectively mitigate plant or pump downtime, unscheduled disruptions, and equipment failures.
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During downtime, retailers experience lost sales, the inability to process credit cards, access customer purchasing history, or locate items in stock at a distribution center or another retail location. Don’t let unexpected downtime due to point-of-sale equipment failures impact your brand or frustrate your customers. If you can’t serve your customers, your competition will!
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Unexpected IT downtime can bring down even the largest businesses—just ask the airlines when their reservation systems go offline. The importance of e-commerce, online sales, and the computing infrastructure that supports it makes getting systems and servers up and running even more critical. With 98 percent of organizations reporting that a single hour of downtime costs over $100,000, you can’t afford a slow logistics partner.
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With today’s broken supply chains, even companies that specialize in logistics find themselves needing help. We provide an expansive network of expedited air and ground shipping options to make the trip in the air, to and from the airport, or complete the entire delivery on the ground. Through these resources and our centralized planning operations, we help 3PL providers overcome all the challenges of their industry.
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