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Air Freight Company

Air Freight Company is a best-in-class global provider of premium freight services in the expedited transportation industry.

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What customers often want or need for their shipment is expedited freight services via a dedicated carrier vehicle or aircraft.

They typically need assistance with high profile and last-minute shipments of commercial freight nationwide or into Canada or Mexico. They want a premium but cost-effective expedited service where the only freight on the vehicle is their shipment - which will be delivered as quickly as possible.

So who will you trust when your express freight has to get from point A to point B securely and undamaged? When it comes to transport companies and freight expediting for your critical package, there is only one name you need to know and one company to call: Air Freight Company.

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Air Freight Company: For when you needed it yesterday

Air Freight Company services leading companies across a wide variety of industries, including construction, heavy machinery, oil and gas, electrical, packaging, printing, chemicals, engineering, and many more. With a nationwide fleet network of over 10,000 vehicles that can be dispatched within minutes, Air Freight Company provides expedited cargo service across the United States, Canada and into Mexico.

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Why names matter when it comes to shipping

Actually, when it comes to express deliveries and express freights, you may already know Air Freight Company by a different name. That is because one of Expedited Freight Company’s most valuable assets is its Internet domain names.

Why does that matter? Isn’t express shipping all about logistics and coordination? Yes, it is! But when customers face a shipping emergency that could potentially cost their company thousands of dollars in revenue, potential sales, or lost productivity, being in the right place on the Internet makes all the difference.

This is why from Day One, Air Freight Company has developed a strategic advantage that is unrivaled in the priority freight and same day delivery services industry. While the following are just a few of the many Internet domains you can find Air Freight Company through, each portal opens to a common suite of overnight services and expedited delivery support. All lead to unparalleled expediter experience, customer service and satisfaction. With 24-hour phone coverage every day, customers can speak directly with a seasoned industry veteran to discover which express carriers will work for their specific need – or simply fill out an online quote form.



When it comes to providing the fastest speed over the longest distance, air freight is your best choice. As an integral part of Air Freight Company, AirFreight.com provides a seamless network of air and ground shipping options to give you the widest range of air cargo choices without having to call around for multiple quotes. We provide comprehensive and accurate quotes you can depend on for any business case or budgeting requirements. Our dedicated team is comprised of experienced professionals that understand every aspect of air cargo shipping and is ready to learn about the unique shipping needs of your business.

If your deadline is “danger close,” your shipment can fly via a dedicated air charter service – and every shipment is assigned a dedicated, single point of contact for questions and updates throughout your air shipment. Your shipment size and speed requirements are matched to the perfect aircraft, eliminating waste and reducing expenses while still ensuring the highest quality experience for your domestic air cargo shipment. Shipments that are less timely but still critical can utilize our dedicated ground expedited freight services with the same level of support, quality and customer satisfaction.

Working with Airfreight.com is more than just putting a pallet or box on a flight:

  • We are an air cargo company that is serious about the entire freight experience from the moment you call us until long after your shipment’s flight reaches its ultimate destination.
  • You can trust Airfreight.com to deliver your air freight, quality service, customer satisfaction, and an enduring business partnership you can depend on.


When traditional ground services cannot handle your same day shipping in time, there is no comparison to the range of same day delivery services offered by SameDayDelivery.com. Our mission is to provide reliable, secure and scalable last mile delivery solutions for every customer.

We understand critical same day requirements and react immediately to ensure a fast pick up at the location you designate. Getting your delivery to its destination quickly and safely while keeping you informed throughout the entire logistics chain is our top priority.

Using dedicated vehicles for unrivaled reliability, we have nationwide coverage through our fleet of drivers and vehicles to meet your deadlines. During the delivery, we work to make sure a time-definite delivery window is met and that your delivery arrives on time, period.

Successful deliveries are only achieved through careful planning:

  • We work with you to develop a last mile delivery plan that guarantees same day services are supported by cost-effective options whether the final destination is a home or business.
  • Choosing the right same day shipping partner is a critical business decision. With Samedaydelivery.com, experience the confidence that comes from an expert delivery plan and working with a dedicated expeditor from start to finish.


In any delivery situation, having options and executing to a plan are the keys to success. That’s why with ExpeditedFreight.com, our mission is to provide our customers with tailored shipping solutions, from overnight freight to same day freight and everything in between.

We have over 50,000 expedited freight vehicles ready to go nationwide, from cargo and Sprinter vans, small and large straight trucks, to flatbed trucks – often using driver teams to keep your shipment moving nonstop.

All utilize the latest logistics technology to maintain speed and efficiency while using satellite tracking technology to ensure you know that status of your delivery every step of the way. With real-time delivery updates and 24-hour customer support and service, you know your shipment will get there – when and where you need it.



No matter the size of the load, Hotshottrucking.com can provide hot shot trucking services and transportation options to handle it. We safely and effectively handle wide loads, mega-sized loads, industrial machinery, plant equipment and urgent freight for the energy sector, construction industry, automotive manufacturers and more.

Need freight moved before 8 AM? We’ll be there before breakfast. From local hot shot loads, cross-country deliveries or international shipments across North America, Hotshottucking.com is the only name you need.

Along with versatility, HotShotTrucking.com provides unrivaled reliability and flexibility:

  • We're not restricted by weight limitations and can deliver your machinery, equipment and parts across the country, state or to the other side of the country.
  • We will pick-up, hold or deliver your freight according to your specific scheduling requirements while helping you meet critical deadlines.


FullTruckload.com is a truckload broker, which means we pair your business with the most cost-effective, trusted full truckload carriers in the industry. We provide fast, dependable full truckload carriers for time-critical, large shipment delivery needs for businesses of all sizes and across all industries in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

With guaranteed on-time expedited full truckload shipping services for large equipment, palletized freight and more, you can trust and depend on the experienced experts at Fulltruckload.com.

More About The Expedited Group

The Expedited Group has revolutionized the world of transportation and logistics by offering something no other transportation or logistics shipper has: the most highly relevant search results in the business.

The Expedited Group and Dan Boaz owns thousands of web domains, including some of the most powerful and well-known in the industry, such as: AirFreight.com, ExpeditedFreight.com, FullTruckload.com, HotShotTrucking.com and ExpeditedTransportation.com, FullTruckload.com, SameDayDelivery.com.

The Expedited Group has rapidly gained market share against competitors through top placement of premier Internet domains and by providing on-time critical delivery solutions from experienced expediters through available capacity anywhere in the world. Services include: Air freight, air cargo, air charter, expedited ground transport, same-day delivery and just-in-time delivery for time critical shipments year-round – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Founded in 2007 by Dan Boaz, the new company quickly began changing the transportation landscape by using the Internet and other advanced tracking technologies to increase customer confidence, convenience and quality. AirFreight.com is a privately held company with corporate offices located in Newport Beach, California.

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