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Air Charter

Dependable Air Charter Broker Services arranging transportation across North America and to worldwide locations.

Air Charter

Air Charter Broker Services for your Ultra-Critical Freight Shipments

Count on our wealth of experience with arranging for the transportation of the most critical shipments coupled with our network of cargo air charter operators. Whether you’re in dire need of a crucial part to keep a production line moving or challenged with a firm customer deadline, AirFreight.com is ready to provide the solution.

Air Charter Solutions

Tailor-Made Solutions from AirFreight.com

When your most urgent shipments require the exclusive use of an entire aircraft, contact AirFreight.com for our dependable air broker charter services across North America and to worldwide locations.

Sometimes the only possible way to reach a shipping deadline is via the fastest possible solution of Air Charter services. We're experienced and equipped to provide tailor-made air charter solutions around the clock so that your most urgent air freight arrives when required. We'll assist in determining the best charter solution for your air freight shipment needs and research carrier availability and negotiate the best charter price for your budget, for ultra-critical shipments air charter is the premier choice. Our air charter pricing is customized specifically to your actual needs combined with determining the ideal aircraft type and position so that your urgent air cargo arrives on time.

Air Cargo Broker

Overcoming Constraints with Air Charter Services

Air charter services can help you to deal with challenges that standard air freight simply can't. We'll partner with you in determining the best air charter option to reach your delivery objectives and will monitor the shipment every step of the way.

AirFreight.com specializes in arranging for aircraft charter and jet services, emergency air charter services, international charters and time-critical freight shipments. We arrange air charters and global air charter services with virtually no size or weight limitations, ideal for those extra large, time-critical cargo shipments that simply must arrive on time.

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Dedicated Agent

At AirFreight.com you can always rely on our team of air charter experts. We have the ability to arrange for the movement of any air freight shipment including oversized cargo, high-value cargo and more. Depend on us to find the most appropriate solution via our extensive carrier network and 24/7 operations. 

We take great pride in our partnership approach and the quality of our team in delivering superior service to all of our customers and if this is your first time visiting Air Freight we encourage you to take a moment to read our testimonials.

Handling Your Urgent Shipments

When your most urgent shipments require the exclusive use of an entire aircraft, contact AirFreight.com for our dependable air charter services across North America and to worldwide locations.

Why Air Charter

Why Air Charter? 

  • Exclusive use of the optimum aircraft matched to your shipment's needs
  • Our industry expertise will match your shipment to the ideal Air Charter Solution
  • Virtually zero limitations on shipment size 
  • Round the clock availability, support and coverage 
  • Take advantage of our global carrier network to ship to and from anywhere on the planet
Air Charter Types

Types of Air Charter

There are a number of scenarios that call for air charter freight services to allow deadlines to be met:

  • Heavy and Oversized Cargo
  • Line Down Situations
  • Special Events
  • Remote Oil Field
  • Humanitarian Support
Air Charter Service

Call Us Today to Get Started

Call us at (800) 713-1000 to speak to an air charter broker who can arrange the ideal air cargo charter solution for your urgent air shipment. We're ready to help and positioned to meet your objectives.

Charter Aircraft

Below is a list of many of the most commonly used aircraft for air charter services, we'll match you with the ideal air carrier with the right aircraft for to your specific needs

Aircraft Payload Capacity (kg) Volume (m3) Hold Size (cm) Door Size (cm)
Airbus A300 B4F 44,500 300 3,550x477x245 318x244
Airbus A300-A600F 47,000 426 4,070x528x245 358x256
Airbus A310-300F 40,500 270 3,300x477x240 318x244
Airbus A330-200F 70,000 475 5,882x528x245 358x256
Antonov An-12 18,000 85 1,355x280x240 280x240
Antonov An-124 120,000 750 3,648x640x440 640x440
Antonov An-225 250,000 1,100 4,535x640x440 640x440
Antonov An-26 5,500 30 1,110x220x160 230x167
Antonov An-74 10,000 52 1,050x215x220 240x227
ATR 42 Cargo 5,700 51 1,385x226x175 127x153
ATR 72 Cargo 8,200 76 1,796x226x175 127x153
BAe 146-200F 10,000 78 1,780x260x190 333x193
BAe ATP Cargo 8,200 78 1,550x200x180 263x172
BAe HS 748 6,000 55 1,055x190x180 267x172
Boeing B727-200F 24,042 186 2,712x351x213 340x218
Boeing B737-300F 19,275 130 2,324x317x214 348x216
Boeing B737-400F 19,237 154 2,440x319x214 340x210
Boeing B747-200F 111,583 759 4,800x486x304 340x312
Boeing B747-400F 120,200 735 4,800x486x304 340x312
Boeing B747-8 140,000 857 5,430x486x304 340x312
Boeing B757-200F 36,000 238 3,327x353x213 340x218
Boeing B767 -200F 42,000 367 3,116x442x250 340x244
Boeing B767-300F 54,000 450 3,890x450x250 340x250
Boeing B777-200F 103,000 653 4,412x582x315 372x315
Boeing MD 11F 85,000 575 4,400x488x244 350x259
Cessna 406 1,400 7 340x129x130 120x120
Convair CV-580 7,030 67 1,577x236x198 300x180
Aircraft Payload Capacity (kg) Volume (m3) Hold Size (cm) Door Size (cm)
Dassault Falcon 20 Cargo 2,041 10 6,09x152x140 187x140
Dornier 228 1,950 18 635x127x147 133x138
Embraer Bandeirante 1,500 14 590x133x144 180x143
Eurocopter AS-332 Super Puma 20,000 17 681x180x147 130x135
Fokker 27 6,000 62 1,524x210x190 232x178
Ilyushin IL-62 40,000 230 2,798x317x212 345x200
Ilyushin IL-76T and IL76-TD 48,000 180 1,850x345x325 345x325
Ilyushin IL-76TF 60,000 400 3,114x345x325 345x325
Ilyushin IL-96-400T 88,000 580 4,444x571x286 485x287
Kamov Ka 32 5,000 7 452x130x132 120x120
Kingair 90 1,000 4 368x127x120 160x109
Lockheed L-100-30 Hercules 21,000 140 1,609x301x260 301x274
Lockheed L-188 Electra 15,000 91 2,200x274x210 355x198
Lockheed L1011 TriStar 55,000 440 3,300x485x274 431x284
McDonnell Douglas DC 9-15F 10,400 91 2,340x274x205 346x206
McDonnell Douglas DC-10F 65,000 484 3,725x558x234 356x259
McDonnell Douglas DC-8 54 55F 41,000 201 3,100x322x218 355x215
McDonnell Douglas DC-8 62F 42,000 220 3,300x322x218 355x215
McDonnell Douglas DC-8 71 73F 45,000 302 3,900x313x210 350x216
Metro II 1,250 18 900x110x27 135x130
Metro III 2,000 12 918x115x105 135x130
Mil Mi-26 20,000 110 1,200x320x310 290x320
Mil Mi-8 4,000 23 534x230x180 234x182
Piper PA-31 600 4 386x103x130 65x113
Saab 340 3,850 36 1,110x162x175 135x130
Shorts SD 360 3,200 42 840x176x180 141x167
Tupolev Tu 204 28,500 170 3,200x318x210 340x210
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