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7 Things to Consider Before Choosing an Urgent Shipping Provider

, | November 8, 2022 | By
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Choosing an urgent shipping provider can be a challenging task. There are many different options with drastically varying price points available, and each freight company offers a unique set of benefits and advantages to customers.

Especially today, current supply chain disruptions and retail shortages across the globe are leading even the most well-prepared companies to find themselves facing problems they’ve never previously experienced.

If you’re a warehouse, plant, or factory manager, it’s important to have a plan and know who to turn to in worst-case scenarios.

How can businesses find the right urgent shipping provider to meet their needs?

Before selecting the ideal urgent freight delivery company, there are several factors you need to consider:

  1. Cost/time estimates: How much will it cost to ship your urgent freight and how long will it take to deliver.
  2. Speed and convenience: How quickly will your shipment arrive? Will the urgent shipping provider pick up your freight, or are you required to drop it off? Is the drop-off location nearby? 
  3. Safety and capacity: Does the urgent delivery service prioritize the safety of your shipment? Does it have the capacity and resources to properly pick up and transport your urgent freight? 
  4. Previous successes and reputation: Does the urgent shipping company have a proven track record of safely and consistently carrying out urgent deliveries? 
  5. Tracking ability: How are shipments tracked? Are they monitored in real time? Are there alternative paths (air or ground) that can be utilized if heavy traffic, severe weather, or other unexpected incidents occur? 
  6. Customer service and dependability: Are you required to contact a call center every time you reach out to customer service? Will you speak to multiple people or a single point of contact familiar with your situation.
  7. Partnerships and network: Does the urgent shipping provider have access to an extensive network of ground and air carriers? Are all fleet vehicles vetted and equipped to handle your freight?

How can urgent shipping companies such as AirFreight.com help?

As ongoing supply chain issues, upcoming holiday-related demands, and economic unpredictability continue to loom, businesses face significant pressure and uncertainty. Choosing the wrong urgent service provider can cause them to lose revenue, damage business partnerships, and more. 

How can AirFreight help your business deliver?

Cost and Estimates

A majority of freight companies are unable to give estimates until they’ve received all the details of a particular shipment, but AirFreight.com can work with clients who may be unsure of the size, weight, and dimensions of their cargo. 

Speed and Convenience

AirFreight.com has been serving North America for decades, with an in-depth understanding of its interstate highways, airports, and more. That means pickups and deliveries can be completed within just hours in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. 

Safety and Capacity

All trucks or airplanes (trucks, planes, and  sprinter vans) carriers we us are carefully vetted, ensuring they meet certain regulations. Each AirFreight.com-approved carriers have the capacity to transport a wide variety of shipment sizes safely and securely. 

Previous Successes and Reputation

AirFreight.com is an accredited shipping logistics company that has helped thousands of businesses deliver their goods to locations in Mexico, Canada, and the U.S., even under difficult circumstances and seemingly impossible deadlines. 

Tracking Ability

AirFreight.com tracks all shipments 24/7/365 using real-time tracking updates. AirFreight.com will also identify the quickest route for your trip while also identifying backup routes in case of heavy traffic, poor weather, and other unforeseen disruptions. 

Customer Service and Dependability

Once an urgent shipment has been picked up by AirFreight.com, you’ll speak to the same expeditor during the entire journey of your shipment. That means no customer call centers or call transfers that waste valuable time. AirFreight.com also keeps a detailed record of your shipments (such as pickup preferences and travel routes), saving you time and resources when making future shipments. 

Partnerships and Network

By establishing numerous strategic partnerships, AirFreight.com has access to a massive network of land and air vehicles that meet the highest safety standards.

Get a free quote today!

Urgent shipping situations require quick thinking, a single point of contact who understands your needs, and real-time tracking. Whether you need to schedule a standard freight flight or charter one of your own, we can help you understand the full cost ahead of time along with the quickest route for your shipment. 

Contact us for your free quote today.

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